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Altenew Crafty Life Stamp Set + Giveaway

by May Park-

Altenew February 2018 Release

Hello, crafty friends! So excited to tell you that Altenew just released new stamps, dies, and ink.

Click HERE to check out their new products from February 2018 release, and shop today before your favorites are gone!

Crafty Friends Stamp Set

Crafty Friends Stamp Set

Do you remember this Crafty Friends Stamp Set I designed last year? This set has received the massive love from all of the paper crafters, so I wanted to design another stamp set with the crafty theme.  So here it is:

Crafty Life Stamp Set

Crafty Life Stamp Set

This is one of the stamp sets I designed for February 2018 release. I’m very excited about this set as it complements one of my very popular stamp sets, Crafty Friends.

Designed for all you paper crafters out there, this set is packed with fun phrases and sentiments in a trendy mix of fonts. This set is perfect for creating cards for the crafty friends in your life or documenting your crafty moments for your scrapbook layouts.

Behind the Story

When I designed this stamp set last October, I asked a few of my friends which sentiment they would like to see in my next crafty stamp set. Thankfully they gave me a few great suggestions, and I was happy to turn some of their suggestions into the sentiments.

So I just wanted to give these lovely ladies a credit on the following sentiments included in the Crafty Life Stamp Set.

Jennifer McGuire

  • A day of crafting is just what the doctor ordered.
  • My world is more colorful with you in it.
  • I love ink, paper, stamps, and you.
  • Sending you crafty hugs.
  • I love you more than stamps & that’s a lot.
  • I am done adulting. Let’s craft!

Lilith Eeckels

  • Happiness is handmade.
  • Crafters gonna craft.
  • Creating is caring.
  • I craft so hard I sweat glitter.

Terhi Koskinen

  • Eat. Sleep. Craft. Repeat.

Enza Gudor

  • Create happiness today!

Sobia Ali from the Altenew Facebook Fan Group

  • Let’s craft together. 24/7/365 (the 24/7/365 idea is from Sobia.)


I’m giving away one $15 gift certificate to the Altenew online store. Leave a comment below telling me which sentiments you would like to see in my third crafty stamp set. Or please share your favorite sentiment from the Crafty Life Stamp Set.

I will announce one lucky winner on Saturday, February 3rd. Good luck!


  1. Barbara Van Meter

    I like, crafting is a work of heart, that sums it up for me

    13 . Feb . 2018
  2. sindhu

    All the sentiments are nice.. I like happiness is handmade..

    13 . Feb . 2018
  3. Barbara-Jean

    A day of crafting is just what the doctor ordered is my favorite. I enjoy all of your creations!

    11 . Feb . 2018
  4. Barb Macaskill

    Help! I need an ink transfusion!
    Crafting makes the world go round!
    Everything is better with a spoonful of glitter!
    Just a few ideas! TFS!

    09 . Feb . 2018
  5. Dana M

    How awesome to collaborate with your crafty friends on the creation of a crafty friends stamp set! The sentimental side of me loves “Create happiness today”. But “I craft so hard I sweat glitter” just has me cracking up.

    09 . Feb . 2018
  6. Maryam's craft

    Love both of these crafty friends stamp set… I fall in love with all the sentiments but my favourite is eat sleep craft repeat… and the crafting is a work of the heart..
    Could I suggest some of my own words That I keep telling them to my husband when he makes fun of craft..
    carding is my therapy …
    craftyholic till the end ..
    Come and joint me in my crafty tails word..
    I have my own crafty tails story.
    you can add a water brush as a magical wand and write .. leave you own sparkle on whatever you make ( or creat ) … crafting is to make your own sparkle .. add your own sparkle on what you made ..

    09 . Feb . 2018
  7. Susan Newsome Ringler

    I love them all, but “A day of crafting is just what the doctor ordered. ” is probably tops!

    09 . Feb . 2018
  8. Jennifer Archambault

    My favorite crafting sentiments from above is definitely, “I am done adulting, Let’s craft!” Or maybe a similar take on that theme….l’ll take crafting over adulting any day!

    09 . Feb . 2018
  9. jlingraham

    Love the sentiment “crafting is a work of heart.”

    09 . Feb . 2018
  10. Linda BL

    Like all the sentiments, but especially like “Crafting is a work of heart”.

    08 . Feb . 2018
  11. Evelyn Q

    How about Handmade and from the heart. Or Crafing is good for the soul.

    08 . Feb . 2018
  12. KarenHTK

    My all time favorite IS…A Day Of Crafting IS Just What The Doctor Ordered! Doctor will NOT let me go back to work so I do Arts & Crafts to retain my Serenity and Sanity! I donate, give away everything I make to Non-Profit for their fundraisers, event or just because…

    08 . Feb . 2018
  13. lisascreativeniche

    I’m totally loving the I sweat glitter… I’d love to see crafting like a rockstar as a sentiment and the o being replaced by a star with sunglasses

    08 . Feb . 2018
  14. shawninaz

    Love this set! I would like to see “Crafting isn’t just my hobby it’s my life!”

    08 . Feb . 2018
  15. mandalj

    All the sentiments are so much fun but I think my favourite is “I craft so hard I sweat glitter”. It just makes me smile!

    08 . Feb . 2018
  16. Belinda Santamore

    Love the one that say just what doctor ordered

    08 . Feb . 2018
  17. Billie A

    I like the “I like you more than stamps and that’s a lot. There are so many awesome ones. but think that work for me..

    07 . Feb . 2018
  18. Gina Seto

    I like Eat Sleep Craft Repeat. Great designs and sentiments!!!

    07 . Feb . 2018

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