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I started my papercrafting journey with a small fabric storage cube filled with scrapbooking supplies in 2009. Yes, I was a scrapbooker before I started cardmaking in 2011. I used to use a dining table as my craft desk until my husband bought me a IKEA table in 2011. Having my own craft desk was one of the most exciting moments in my crafty life. Anyone related to this?

Here I’m sharing some random photos that I’ve taken at my craft room for the last few years. Actually I’ve never had a craft room, and I currently have my craft space in our living room. I’m not sharing these photos to show off my space. So don’t expect from me showing super fancy or organized craft space. I’m a messy crafter! 😉 Please note that I have two cats who love staying at my craft space. I hope you don’t mind seeing them in the photos.

If you are interested in seeing more photos of my current craft space, please leave a comment below. Depending on your feedback, I’ll plan to make a sort of craft room tour video in the future. In the meantime, I have a behind the scenes video showing you how my craft desk looks like while creating. You can watch it at the end of THIS VIDEO.

August 2015 ~ Present 

craft room 11

Craft Room

craft room_on my desk


craft room _ 1

May 2014~ July 2015 


craft room _4

craft room 13

craft room 14



craft room _ 2

craft room _ 3

craft room 10





craft room_8


March 2012 ~ April 2013

craft room_6











~ February 2012


~Septemer 2010




  1. Sarah W

    What a wonderful place to get creative in! I am currently occupying a corner of my living room until my eldest son leaves the nest for good. I’ve already called dibs on the room. I especially love your ribbon/wood stamp shelf. I will have to get the Hubs to make me one when I get more space.

    27 . Sep . 2017
  2. Mary McCaslin

    I am sooooo jealous of your beautiful craft space…also, how well your cats seem to get along. I would love to get a second cat (-:

    14 . Jun . 2017
  3. escardsncrafts

    i love your craft space–and I’m so GLAD to hear that you’re a “messy crafter.” I am, too! I love my craft space, but even when tidied it is rather cluttered. 😉

    31 . Dec . 2016
  4. Nancy Lynn Monahan

    Wow, what an incredible craft room to create in May!!! And, I must add, not only are you a talented artist, but you are so beautiful, inside and out…seriously! Until next time….

    05 . Nov . 2016
  5. Debbie Bassett

    I love your “crafting space” as you call it! I see you are very multi-talented!! I know for sure you are a dynamite cardmaker!!! I see your kitties lets you craft in their space!!! They are so sweet!!!!

    02 . Oct . 2016
  6. Lori Kistler

    My stamp space is also in my cats house. Been stamping for almost 30 years. I need help to purge. I have no space to work and have a disorganized messy paper hoarding room that terrifies me to part with anything. Any suggestions for most important supplies and ways to organize? I have a 30 gallon tub of just cat stamps!

    01 . Aug . 2016
  7. Beth Karschnick

    Hey May, I love your craft space! Thanks for sharing all your photos, it gives me ideas for how I might want to set up my space. I LOVE all of your photos!! Your kitties are beautiful and they look ready for trouble….Hahaha!!! I think most of all I LOVE your WINDOWS!!!! How wonderful to have all that light!! Thank you for sharing your gift!!!

    25 . Jul . 2016
  8. Alison Minor

    What is the rest of the saying on the apron? Other than that i am totally jealous.

    10 . Jun . 2016
  9. miriamacevedo

    i LOVE !! Your room..My favorite thing there is your apron!! love it…where can i get one!!!

    26 . Jan . 2016
  10. Renee Drew in MI

    Gosh, May, your craft room is absolutely perfect! I’m just starting to set up my craft room, and your “play room” has lots of inspiring ideas for me!

    16 . Jan . 2016
  11. Claire Grantham

    Such a gorgeous room…I miss having a window! Cx

    08 . Jan . 2016
  12. Kamila Routsis

    It is such a lovely, bright and happy craftroom! Beautiful!

    08 . Nov . 2015
  13. wini

    와~~~ 제가 꿈에 그리던 작업실 모습이네요.
    이런 곳에서 작업하면 넘넘 기분 짱일것같아요.^^

    07 . May . 2015
  14. Germaine

    Love Love Love your room

    12 . Mar . 2015
  15. Julia

    Nice !!!

    12 . Feb . 2015
  16. Margarita Bloom

    What a gorgeous craft room!! Ooh, and is that a Blythe doll I spy? Soooo adorable.

    29 . Jan . 2015
  17. Kathy

    Wow! What a gorgeous craft room, May! I’m working on using half of a bedroom now for my new craft table and some small storage pieces. The rest will have to remain in another room. I’ll get some exercise walking back and forth. :). Thank you for showing the photos. I am anxious to have a nice big window, too.

    06 . Jan . 2015

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