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I started my papercrafting journey with a small fabric storage cube filled with scrapbooking supplies in 2009. Yes, I was a scrapbooker before I started cardmaking in 2011. I used to use a dining table as my craft desk until my husband bought me a IKEA table in 2011. Having my own craft desk was one of the most exciting moments in my crafty life. Anyone related to this?

Here I’m sharing some random photos that I’ve taken at my craft room for the last few years. Actually I’ve never had a craft room, and I currently have my craft space in our living room. I’m not sharing these photos to show off my space. So don’t expect from me showing super fancy or organized craft space. I’m a messy crafter! 😉 Please note that I have two cats who love staying at my craft space. I hope you don’t mind seeing them in the photos.

If you are interested in seeing more photos of my current craft space, please leave a comment below. Depending on your feedback, I’ll plan to make a sort of craft room tour video in the future. In the meantime, I have a behind the scenes video showing you how my craft desk looks like while creating. You can watch it at the end of THIS VIDEO.

August 2015 ~ Present 

craft room 11

Craft Room

craft room_on my desk


craft room _ 1

May 2014~ July 2015 


craft room _4

craft room 13

craft room 14



craft room _ 2

craft room _ 3

craft room 10





craft room_8


March 2012 ~ April 2013

craft room_6











~ February 2012


~Septemer 2010




  1. Ashley Lydia

    I love your crafting room ! I think its genius how you created that island strip area behind your chair!

    12 . Dec . 2014
  2. Ren


    You have such a beautiful and lovely craft room….I have a little “corner”… boohoohoo…. 🙁

    08 . Dec . 2014
  3. Deepti Stephens

    You have a very beautiful craft room May.. LOVE it.. <3 <3

    19 . Sep . 2014
  4. Dea Angan

    I am so dying to have a craft room like yours. It’s lovely 🙂

    04 . Aug . 2014
  5. Debbie

    I love the light colors of the room, and just a beautiful, functional space!

    04 . Aug . 2014
  6. tsurutadesigns

    Such a wonderful space!

    04 . Aug . 2014
  7. Karla

    Beautiful details all around. Awesome space, lovely window with lots of great light! How do you keep everything clean and dust free!? Please let me know!

    31 . Jul . 2014
  8. Vicki Wizniuk

    Love your room, what a great space to get crafty in!

    28 . Jun . 2014
  9. Cindy C.

    Beautiful craft studio!! Everything so tidy and well sort out!!

    27 . Jun . 2014
  10. Julia Stainton

    Wow! What a great space…so bright and open! Love all your great storage ideas!

    27 . Jun . 2014
  11. Gail B (@gailyo)

    That is a beautiful room! Someday… I do love that journal. Can you share where you got it?

    23 . Jun . 2014
  12. Para mi espacio de trabajo… | I am a mess

    […] (Fuente) […]

    16 . Jun . 2014
  13. Angela Maine

    This room is INDEED dreamy!

    03 . Jun . 2014
  14. Mariangela

    I can’t believe what I’m seeing! I dreamt a craft room for me and it really exists!

    Mariangela 😉

    02 . Jun . 2014
  15. Petti

    OMG it’s just crafters’ heaven!

    25 . Apr . 2014
  16. hazelhodgkins

    Wowee May!! So jealous!! My craft room is also the music room, is also the computer room, is also the sitting room and random Lego play area!?! You have set everything out so nicely! It’s a credit to your obvious sense of style! 😉

    25 . Apr . 2014
  17. fitri

    woooww,.. i love your craft room,.. really wishing have one like yours too,.. #hopping

    18 . Oct . 2013
  18. konica

    OMG!!! thats amazing! love your space.. I wish my room was as organized as yours…so inspiring!!

    13 . Sep . 2013
  19. Sanisah

    Oh my…your craft room looks heavenly. It’s a crafter’s paradise. How I wish my room is as organized as yours. Thanks for sharing May! Love your room.

    28 . Aug . 2013
  20. laurafadora

    Wow! What a beautiful craft space!! I’m totally jealous! Can I come over?

    16 . Jul . 2013
  21. Jessica

    Great room. It looks like you can get lots of inspiration from your pretty things!

    12 . Jul . 2013
  22. Nancy L.

    Your creative space is amazing and bright! LOVE IT!

    03 . Jul . 2013
  23. denise

    Gorgeous, colorful, light, bright, spacious … I want to come play … Thanks for sharing your crafty space.

    30 . Jun . 2013
  24. DeeDee

    I love your space.. and your Blythe’s.. and this journal on your sewing machine and …and .. and .. I love my cards too.. so very nice to meet you.. I am a new stalker… Hugs

    28 . Jun . 2013
  25. Mary Louise Eklund

    OMG all the space you have! I am so jealous! What a HUGE room!

    25 . Jun . 2013

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