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Cacti Watercolor Card using Daniel Smith Watercolors + $100 Prize Pack Giveaway

by May Park-

Do you remember that I went to a craft retreat in Ohio last October? Of course, I had so much fun hanging out with my craft squad for a few days. I rarely did crafting, though as I was so busy chatting with my friends. Hehe.. 🙂

While I was there, I was able to complete one piece of watercolor card. Yay!!! So proud of myself! FYI, this image is illustrated by my super talented friend, Suzy Plantamura.

For my coloring project, I borrowed some supplies from my friends: Simon Says Stamp’s succulent doodle print from Kathy Rachossin, Daniel Smith watercolors from Lydia Fidler, and Zen watercolor brush from Kristina Werner.

The earthy colors are not my go-to colors, but I enjoyed coloring the little succulents images. I love how my watercolor card turned out! What do you think?

*Note: This morning I accidentally published my draft post for the Pinkfresh Studio release blog hop. These 6 ladies were kind enough to leave a comment telling me about my mistake. No one blamed me for publishing an empty post. Thank you, ladies! As an apology, I’m giving away a prize pack valued at over $100.

$100 Prize Pack Giveaway

I’m giving away one prize pack valued at over $100 including new/old/used stamps, dies, embellishments from various companies. For a chance to win, leave a comment below telling me about your silly mistake you have made before.

I’ll announce one lucky winner on 2/6/2018. The winner will also receive a handmade card from me. 🙂


  1. Marjorie DUMONTIER

    I often send emails to the wrong people !! Thanks for your very generous giveaway !

    05 . Feb . 2018
  2. TENA Sophie

    Fabulous ! I love the design of your cards.l’m french and even if “i do not speak english well” I understand you better than others. Maybe because of your accent 😉. Blunders I do all the time especially since two weeks that I stopped smoking. To believe that I eat the neurons! I lose or rather hide my tools. It makes me crazy ! my biggest blunder was having to start over 5 times the measurement and the plot to make a frame to a watercolor and once all that glued to realize that my sheet for my base is too small. But that does not hold! You must keep trying. In the end nice card with the original folding !!! : – °

    04 . Feb . 2018
  3. TENA Sophie

    Fabuleux ! J’adore le design de vos cartes.Et même si “i don’t speak english well ” je vous comprend mieux que d’autres. Peut-être à cause de votre accent 😉 . Des bourdes j’en fais tout le temps surtout depuis deux semaine que j’ai arrêté de fumer. À croire que ça me bouffe les neurones !!! Je perd ou plutôt je me cache mes outils. Ça me rend folle ! ma plus grosse bourde à été de devoir recommencer 5 fois la prise de mesure et le tracé pour faire un cadre à une aquarelle et qu’une fois tout cela collé de m’apercevoir que ma feuille pour ma base de carte est trop petite. Mais que cela ne tienne ! Il faut persévérer. Au final jolie carte au pliage original !!! :-°

    04 . Feb . 2018
  4. Meadow

    I’m new to Copics so my pens are really juicy. Every time I open the caps, it spits. At least it gives me an opportunity to practice fixing errors.

    04 . Feb . 2018
  5. sindhu

    Pretty card May…I made many silly mistakes..few are adhere the panel upside down to the card base…Forgetting the place where i kept the small die cuts and keep on searching for those and at the end i will die cut a new…

    04 . Feb . 2018
  6. Stacey

    I had a glitter disaster for some reason I thought I could cut the laminated sheet of glitter and it just stay in my pouch, nope, glitter was EVERYWHERE.

    04 . Feb . 2018
  7. Kris Reeves

    I got the draft post too but figured you would catch it! Love, love your cactus card!

    04 . Feb . 2018
  8. Janet Trapp

    Worst mistake was not remembering day light savings time and we were late for Palm Sunday Mass and as the choir directors it was doubly bad!😩😳🤪

    04 . Feb . 2018
  9. Gilu

    The one I remember is when I didn’t let my glossy accents dry and piled another card on top of it. Both were stuck the next day:/

    04 . Feb . 2018
  10. Sharna W.

    This made me smile so now it’s my turn. Yesterday I sat down on a Distress Oxide pad while crafting on the floor and I didn’t notice. My husband did while we were shopping for groceries so I had to walk around like that for an hour.

    04 . Feb . 2018
  11. Debbie A.

    Hi, May! This post really made me smile because I’m always making silly mistakes! I make a lot of mistakes on cards where I have to creatively cover them up, address envelopes upside down, and adhere things crooked. I also do embarrassing things like getting on an elevator in an office building and pressing the button for the first floor. The door closes and then promptly opens. I’m still in the lobby where there’s a receptionist watching. Once again, without walking walking out, I press the first floor button and the doors close and open. She’s still there, watching as I try this a third time before realizing that I’m actually on the first floor! So I finally walk out of the elevator, being careful not to make eye contact with the receptionist, and continue on to my office visit! Thanks for your beautiful inspiration, and the chance to win this awesome prize package – I would LOVE to have one of your cards!

    04 . Feb . 2018
  12. Gina Seto

    I close up my shaker card before putting the shaky bits inside!! So then I made a small hole in the side and had my hubby hold it open. It was so tiny I had to add each shaky maybe 2-3 at a time!!!
    Thanks for all your IG stories and for the chance to win!!! 😍😍😍

    04 . Feb . 2018
  13. Sabrinna

    Lovely card!!! I usually always end up adhering my card upside down… I always forget to check also! lol. But it’s always fixable, which is a relief! Hope you are having an awesome weekend May!

    04 . Feb . 2018
  14. Marianne

    Making smudges on an almost finished card is a recurring thing, but can usually be covered up with sequins if it cannot be erased. I’ve also adhered my panel upside down to my card base several times…
    I suppose we all make mistakes. We’re human after all. Have a wonderful Sunday!

    04 . Feb . 2018
  15. Bianca

    I love your Instagram stories! As for a silky mistake, the most recent one was going grocery shopping for the essentials and then forgetting to buy eggs and milk for the cake I wanted to bake.

    03 . Feb . 2018
  16. Sara “Nichelove” C

    Hello, my name is Sara and I’m Italian. My stupid mistake? Every day I do them,But then I transform them. Yesterday I turned over the water of the watercolors on my white sheet, the disaster became my background for a new card. 🙂

    03 . Feb . 2018

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