$100 Prize Pack Giveaway + Crafted Kindness at Online Card Classes

by May Park-


Hello, my crafty friends! I am excited to announce that I’m one of the guest artists for Crafted Kindness at Online Card Classes.

Crafted Kindness is a video bundle of 30 ALL NEW cardmaking videos from industry artists. 100% of after-tax profits will go directly to those affected by the recent hurricanes in the Southern United States and the Caribbean.

Coming Together For A Cause

The crafting community has always been committed to sharing acts of kindness. When one person sends a card to another, the act is small but powerful. And when we come together for a cause, we can help make the world a better place. Numerous communities in the southern United States and Caribbean are still working to recover from the devastation caused by the recent hurricanes. So, we gathered a group of talented cardmakers with a shared goal in our hearts: to help those affected by the hurricanes. Crafted Kindness is the result.

100% of after-tax profits from Crafted Kindness will go directly to help those in the areas hit by the hurricanes. We plan to distribute the funds to families in need or institutions with minimal overhead who can have a high impact on the recovery efforts. And we will be sharing exactly where our donations end up, so be sure to keep your eyes open for that update on social media.

I hope you get some inspiration and give back at the same time by signing up the Crafted Kindness class at Online Card Classes.

$100 Prize Pack Giveaway

To show my appreciation for those who support in this great cause, I’m giving away one prize pack valued at over $100 including new/old/used stamps and dies from various companies. For a chance to win, leave a comment below telling me the kindest thing you’ve done.

I’ll announce one lucky winner on Wednesday, December 8th. The winner will also receive a handmade card from me. 🙂

*A winner agrees to pay a shipping/handling fee for their package – $8 for those in the United States and $20 for international. The winner will receive a PayPal invoice for the shipping cost. No other payment methods will be used. 


  1. Michele

    I love to do random acts of kindness daily. Sometimes it’s as simple as paying for the car behind me in the drive thru or helping a elderly neighbor in need. I try to do one RAK each day.

    08 . Dec . 2017
  2. Joan Vancourt

    The most recent act of kindness was for a young struggling couple with a 1 yr old daughter. The couple had to move into subsidized housing and had no belongings, due to other family circumstances. I contact my friends and I searched my home for some unused items to get this family up on their feet. As the young man came to get the items from my house, his truck was smoking and making the worst noises. My husband and I decided to help the young man get his truck in running condition. When it was in the shop, I called to see how the work was going. It also needed 4 new tires. I couldn’t bear to know that this young father was driving his 1 yr old in a vehicle that may be hazardous. I had only met this young man through my gym, 2 months prior, as he was appointed my sports trainer. God put us in each others path for a reason. It feels so right to help others and expect nothing in return, but to wish them a happy life.

    05 . Dec . 2017
  3. Cristina

    I started a group to support women at my university a few years back. All the time I put in organizing the events was given with love.

    04 . Dec . 2017
  4. Kristina "CraftyPaws"

    What a lovely thing to do! I don’t know that I have done one most kind thing. I try to be kind daily. Whether it’s being kind to a customer service representative when my internet is down or picking up someone else’s dog poo on a neighbor’s yard, I attempt to take my time (that is the key for me — giving myself extra time) to spread kindness wherever I am.

    04 . Dec . 2017
  5. Katherine Dent

    I volunteer for a food pantry out of my church. We also provided a free meal prior to giving out groceries. Last month we cooked a home made meal and delivered to widows and older singles in a small community in our area. I am planning to make cards to distribute to residents in a nursing home/assisted living residence. I enjoy using my crafts to bless others.

    02 . Dec . 2017
  6. Erin Ellis

    The kindest thing I have ever done is bringing my wonderful children into this world. They are a gift and make our world better every day. Thank you!

    01 . Dec . 2017
  7. margessw

    This is such a great cause ! To answer your question, I’d say each year I’m donating to several organisations that help animals.

    30 . Nov . 2017
  8. Mary Holshouser

    I can’t really point to one thing and say it was the kindest thing I’ve ever done.
    I tape two radio programs for the blind and print-handicapped (suffer from strokes
    etc and can’t hold a paper). One of the programs is the grocery ads from the
    local groderies. this program airs twice during the week. The other
    is called Dirty Laundry. The articles come from InTouch and Closer magazines.
    They are for the mature audience and air at 11 p.m. on Thursday night.
    (they aren’t dirty – just the usual gossip from the
    rags). I do this taping at Mind’s Eye – a closed circuit radio station – that has
    offices at the Lady of the Snows shrine in Belleville, IL. I’ve been doing this
    for 10 years. the programs air at specific times each week.
    I would love to win this prize. I love the card you sent with the last
    package that I was lucky enough to win and would be thrilled to get

    30 . Nov . 2017
  9. FD91354

    Wow.. the kindest thing I’ve done… I just make it a habit to always do random acts of kindness. One RAK I’ve done was a mom was just struggling/losing her patience in the grocery store with her son who was just screaming. I stepped in an started a conversation with the son and just tried to give her a break to regroup. Its so easy to judge but really, she just needed a break. Who knows what stresses were in her life that day, but I like to think this helped her and helped to ease the situation. But, like I said, I go out of my way to help others. Even if its just to return someone’s cart they are using. Small gestures of kindness.

    30 . Nov . 2017
  10. Sue Manning

    I believe kindness is not contained in one single act, but rather by living it every day.
    If I had to pick one, then it would be this. My husband and I went to Russia twice to adopt a baby from an orphanage there. I was 56 at the time. She is now 14 and I have taught her cardmaking, and many other ways to pass on kindness to others; by serving at church, and participating in charitable activities. I am so grateful for my own life, and try to make at least one person smile every day.
    God bless all of you who share your talents in such productive ways. You guys are awesome.
    Thank you.

    30 . Nov . 2017
  11. Alma Dirpaul

    Staying by my mother’s side for the six days before she died was probably the kindest thing I’ve done. Thanks for the giveaway

    30 . Nov . 2017
  12. jlingraham

    Oh May! It’s tough to think of the kindest thing I’ve done. Probably because we are programmed to give without feeling proud. Maybe the kindest thing I’ve ever done might have been taking food and to a acquaintance who was dying and looking out for her grade school age son until his father came to town in a few days. I wonder how and where he is now. So long ago

    29 . Nov . 2017
  13. Maureen McLaughlin

    May you have made me think about “Acts of Kindness” and what have I done. To me this can relate to the everyday life where both my husband and I go out of our way to do something and not expect anything in return. Whether it be helping my son and his young family, weeding my neighbour’s front garden bed because she works full time and doesnt have time to spend in her garden much anymore, giving someone flowers or a card to let them know you are thinking of them, making sure I put money in donation tins when people go out of the way to act as collectors for different charities, donations to buskers who entertain people outside shops or street corners, or just putting a smile on a strangers face. Sometimes my husband (who thinks I should be painting) cannot understand why I spend so much time in my craft studio making cards but I donate these to either the church op shop or the nursing home where my father use to reside. I have just completed 57 Christmas cards for the staff to give the residents in the home. Recently I put together two packs of my excess crafty things for ladies in my card making group who were new to paper crafting.

    29 . Nov . 2017

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